January 31, 2012

Score matters always........................

Grades doesn't matter?
What you have learnt that matters? Bullshit!
My personal experience says in India grades, numbers, matter the most.
After all numbers is the criteria on which we judge people.
Aren't we judging Sachin's credibility? He has failed till today to reach his Hundredth ton.
People forgot about what he has achived till date, they are pissed with the fact that he hasn't got the so called century in last eight or nine month.
We are not happy because our Captain cool has failed to win a test series in Australia. Few months ago people who are praising him for his midas touch,now bashing him for his poor performnace.
Ask a sales person who has targets to achieve? he will tell you how the number plays a role in his life.
It doesn't matter how much good client he has won for his company what matters whats the number.

Haven't you ever faced the number drama in your life..........


Prasoon said...

I agree.. thats where we need to change.

Steve niklas said...

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