December 28, 2011

As Long As You Love Me And Even After That by Digvijay Ade


So here comes another book review of the day. Finally finished 350 pages of love saga by Digvijay Ade. 'As long as you love me and even after that' is the debut novel  of Digvijay Ade. Digvijay Ade an engineering graduate from V.J.T.I. Mumbai, currently pursuing his MBA from IIM Lucknow has written his love story.
What so different about the book. Only one thing I have found the minute details of his relationship. I have read a lot of love stories but none of them are like Aditya's saga. Aditya the protagonist of the tory meet an accident in the beginning of book. His friend Sahil a doctor who find him in ransack position in hospital left his job. The beginning of the story is so dramatic, I didn't fell that it's going to be a simple love story of loving a girl, losing her and tryst of getting her back. The book is definitely going to love by love birds. 
What can you do for getting your girl back?
Anything you get a reply, if the person loves her more than her life.
can you write a book, if you are not a writer type, you will think hundred times.
Aditya got her best buddy Anchal who is ready to share his pain, his love.
Will Aditya get Esha back, love of his life.
read the book to know further.
Digvijay Ade forthcoming book title is  'Journey of lifetime'.
Happy Reading.


My Never Ending Thoughts... said...

Thank u so much for d review. Looking forward to read it. :) Keep Writing:)

Digvijay Ade said...

I never did realize that a review for my book existed somewhere. I appreciate the review. Thanks Vijay. :)

Vijay Rajput said...

@Digvijay Ade Your book is genuinely good. you need to market it in more aggressive way.