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Happy new Year


Wishing all my Blog Visitors a Happy New Year.

I have nothing to write now. I will update my blog next year. Till than a happy new year to all once again who are with me through this journey of blogging.

I am enjoying this song what you are doing.

I got my first real six-string
Bought it at the five-and-dime
Played 'til my fingers bled
It was summer of '69

Me and some guys from school
Had a Band and we tried real hard
Jimmy quit and Jody got married
I shualda known we'd never get far

Oh when I lock back now
That was seems to last forever
And if I had the choice
Ya - I'd always wanna be there
Those were the best days of my life


Ain't no use in complainin'
When you got a job to do
Spent my evenin's down at the drive in
And that's when I met you

Standing on a mama's porch
You told me that you'd wait forever
Oh and when you held my hand
I knew that it was no or never
Those were the best days of my life

(Chorus) Back in Summer of '69

Man we were kill in' time
We were young and restless
We needed to unwind
I guess nothing' can last forever, no

And now the times are changing'
Look at everything that's come and gone
Sometimes when I play that old six-string
I think about ya wonder what went wrong

Stand in' on a mama's porch
You told me it would last forever
Oh the way you held my hand
I knew that it was now or never
Those were the best days of my life

(Chorus) Back in summer of '69 

Authors Corner - Faraaz Kazi

Hello Everyone,welcome to the another session of Authors Corner. I am going to introduce Faraaz Kazi today, author of TRuly madly Deeply. I have done a question and answer session with him. He replied my questions quite warmly.First of all,few things about him.Faraaz Kazi is currently pursuing his post-graduate studies in management in Mumbai. He is a certified soft-skills trainer and runs his own academy in the same field. He completed his creative writing from XIC and possesses a diploma in freelance journalism from the British Institutes. He is fondly referred to as The Young Marketer and operates a revolutionary blog with the same name and writes for major media houses on the same subject. He is a fellow member of the esteemed Film Writers Association of India .

Book Summary - Truly Madly Deeply
There are some who love and conquer...
There are some who love and forget...
...and then there is RAHUL KAPUR!

A pompous Rahul is head over heels in love with Seema, his beautiful female equivalent from the same school. After a whirlwind of innocent encounters, their teenage romance blossoms yet both of them never confess their love to each other. A series of misunderstandings and ego clashes cause them to drift apart. Rahul loses his sanity and ultimately his love. By the time he realises the magnitude of his loss, it appears to be too late. Will Rahul get back his Seema? Or will Seema never realise the depth of Rahul s feelings?

This teenage love story seeks answers to all these and more as it alternates between the past and present and makes you wonder; do all love stories have a happy ending? Or do all love stories end, ever? TRULY, MADLY, DEEPLY promises to be an emotional saga that will captivate the reader s heart and fascinate his mind and leave him pondering-DOES LOVE TRULY CONQUER ALL ODDS?

NoW Q&A time

Q. First Thing first, Congratulations on the release of your book.How is the feeling after getting your book published?
Thank you. This is my first book. So it is a high epitomizing feeling and nothing can replace it. It is very difficult to get a book published, no matter however well you have written it. There is so much that the publisher seeks in your manuscript. Writing is the easy part, publishing isn't. So in that sense, I'm lucky that my work has found the light.
Q. What inspired you to write Truly,Madly,Deeply?
I was always a voracious reader, I still am. So developing that writing habit was only natural over a period of time. I always wanted to write something, earlier on I used to try my hand at fantasy fiction, young adult and the like but then while pursuing my creative writing certification, I discovered my strength was romance. And then I had to dig out things within me and take inspiration from those around me and from the success of writers like Cecelia Ahern, to complete the book. The good thing was I already had the plot and the outline in hand as the book stems from a short-story I had written six years back for a national story writing competition. Once it won an award there, I was sure it had potential. So when I discovered my potential, it was only a matter of leveraging the story's strengths.
Q. Where do the characters in your book stem from mostly?
The book is an amalgamation of fact and fiction. I develop characters from real people. This makes them appear more realistic and someone whom the reader can connect to. To avoid hurting their sentiments if they read my work, I try to take only certain traits that set them apart from the rest. So my main characters will always have a mix of traits from various people.
Q. What was the most difficult part in writing the book? How long did it take to write? Did you ever feel like giving it up half way?
As I said, writing was easy; I already had the storyline in hand. Just had to make changes in the setting and secondary characters. To develop the story further it took me around three months as I was already pursuing a lot of things and taking time out was the more difficult task. Of course, the fear of the blank page also haunted me but I tried to write continuously at least for short periods to avoid the dreaded writer's block. I never felt like giving it up simply because I have never learnt to give up on my dreams just like the protagonist of my book. The most difficult part comes after the manuscript is ready and the writer decides to seek out publishers. So when the rejection letters kept mounting or rather flooding the inbox of my mail, I thought that writing this was futile. I grew very pessimistic but luckily I found a publisher just before I went too cynical. Overall though, I was determined to see it published and put in a lot of effort in that process.
Q. What has been your biggest learning from the efforts in writing the book?
Perseverance. Writing a book, teaches you that. Patience is an important aspect in life and to get a book published, a writer should have the utmost amount of patience. Also, writing has been a kind of medium for me through which I can channel my energies from my mind, into the pen (or keyboard) and then on paper or rather the screen.
Q. How easy or difficult was it to find publishers, once you'd finished writing?
Very difficult, especially so for a new writer. The thing is there are relatively few publishers in India compared to the west. Literacy is also low, though growing and very few people have the reading habit. So it's not much of a big market, that is one reason agents don't thrive in India and publishers have the resources to handle the amount of direct submissions they receive. The main reason is that after the advent of the IIT-IIM kind of novels that completely opened up a new market, so many college students wanted to turn writers just for fun. So we saw a boom in people submitting their work and trust me, more than ninety percent of it wasn't what I would consider publishable but as the market demanded such kind of books, you saw small time publications thriving on such books as the biggies were not willing to risk their literary image with such titles. So they are wary of people submitting manuscripts targeted at the youth.
I got so many rejection mails that I thought about surrendering the project but inspiration stories like JK Rowling's kept me going. Finally, three publishers showed interest in the manuscript over a period of time and fate had Pustak Mahal in store for me. It is more like the publisher chooses a first-time author, not the other way round but once you are established, the entire scenario changes. Also, once your first book is out, the going becomes easier and people start taking you more seriously.
Q. Tell us something about your academic and professional background?
I am a double post-graduate, currently pursuing management education in Mumbai. Education for me always has been the key to success and respect in people's eyes. I made it a point to achieve certifications and diplomas in my key areas of interest, so that I could always highlight the matter that I was a specialist in whatever hobbies I pursued. I do write-ups for media houses sometimes and operate a blog ( which deals with marketing and branding practices.
Q. Who are your icons? And specific to writing, who are the writers you seek to emulate?
Tuhin Sinha has been someone I look upto, having mapped his growth as a writer over three wonderful books. As a romance writer, I look upto Cecelia Ahern and the kind of tales she weaves, mixing some reality with some amount of almost believable fantasy. Overall, JK Rowling inspires me, simply because the lady took everything in her stride, so many problems, so many troubles and she never once gave up and today she has more wealth than the queen of England.
I believe every writer has his own unique style. A simple example would be an essay competition between students, given the same topic, you'll notice how differently each one has portrayed his/her thoughts. So emulation is never the criteria, it's only inspiration! And a lot of perspiration too!
Q. What book have you read recently that you would recommend?
I read a lot as I said, books keep me busy and take me to a world where the sufferings of the present sound like muted voices. I rank the top fiction books that I read in the year and review the top five, this year too I have done something similar. These are my rankings, according to the works I liked and really admired.
1) 'Of love and politics' by Tuhin Sinha.
2) 'Johnny gone down' by Karan Bajaj.
3) 'Turbulence' by Samit Basu.
4) 'Battle for Bittora' by Anuja Chauhan.
5) 'The Rozabal Line' by Ashwin Sanghi.
6) 'Herogiri' by Mainak Dhar.
7) 'The great depression of the 40s' by Rupa Gulab.
8) 'The beetlenut killers' by Manisha Lakhe.
9) 'The journey of Om' by Chandru Bhojwani.
10) 'A romance with chaos' by Nishant Kaushik.

Q. Can you give us a sneak peek on your future projects?
Well, I currently have two projects in hand. One is from the same genre as my first and the other one is quite different. I still have to work on them a lot, so for now I can't really talk much about both.
Q. My last question, Any suggestion for Young Authors?

Three most important things are;
1)       Always be motivated enough to fight out the harsh world out there.
2)      Never give up.
3)      Chase your dreams, so that one day your dreams may chase you.

happY reading

Xcess Baggage - Varsha Dixit


     I love reading and watching The Twilight Series by Stephenie Meyer and The Vampire Diaries by L.J.Smith. Now it's come true with Xcess Baggage by Varsha Dixit.

What's common about the above three? All are Vampire love Stories and are written by Female Authors.

I am obsessed with the character of Edward And Jacob in Twilight Series and Stefan and Daemon in The Vampire Diaries Series.

I love the character of confused Isabella in Twilight and I love the character of Elena in The Vampire Diaries.

Now let me talk a little about the Book Xcess Baggage and her Author Varsha Dixit.

Excerpt from Xccess Baggage

A young woman fighting for her identity and ready to sacrifice herself for a doomed love. An immortal group of vampires determined to get rid of their endless existence; even if it means butchering an innocent human. These are the key elements of the suspense-laden romantic thriller, Xcess Baggage.

Meghna Chandra, a twenty-two-year-old Indian girl settled in the US, is on a run from her past. She is completely unaware that her every step is pushing her towards an untimely and violent death. And then there is the dark and brooding Byron, the one Meghna madly loves . . . After all loving your killer is madness. But what if he is not the only devil in her life?

This is a riveting tale of two beings - one cursed to love and one cursed to live. Read it not only for Meghna's dry wit, or for Byron's dangerous and exciting presence, but also to find out but also to find out what happens when the sun goes down and a vampire comes calling for you.

About Varsha Dixit

Varsha Dixit is the author of best seller book Right Fit Wrong Shoe.Xcess baggage is her second book.She is a voracious reader of thrillers but write very light.

When I have picked Xcess Baggage, I was not sure that I am goin to like this book so much.

The Xcess Baggage is story of a pity girl who fell in love with a Vampire who actually want to Kill her.

Will Meghna Survive?

Will she found her love?

Lord (Byron) who is half Valmpire half WereWolf will favor her or kill her?

A perfect drama to be converted into film.

Hope some Director will contact Varsha to make a film on her Novel.

The best thing about Xcess Baggage is the book is not only attract Indian readers it will also cover the masala for western readers.Hoping it will be an International bestseller very soon.

Well Done Varsha. I will wait for the sequel of the book. I am confident the author has already planned or might be started writing the sequel.

If you are reading this post and you like love stories and iff Vampire love stories. Than my recommendation You must read this book.

You will goin to love it.

Haapy Reading


Just Like in the Movies - Rahul Siani

राहुल - नाम तो सुना होगा |
If you haven't heared his name. Let me introduce him to you.
Rahul Saini the author of bestseller (Those Small Lil Things In Life And Love).
Few months ago when i had picked this book from a roadside shop inm Daryiganj(New Delhi), i had not thought that I am goin to read his next book so early. If you have read his first book then you must know how much he is obsessed and inspired with bollywood movies.

Let me first talk about his second book, I will write a post later on his first one(How I missed writing about his first book.)

Rahul Saini is Gurguaon based architect. He falls in the category of young genre authors who write light fiction.

Just like in the Movies ....... light camera Reaction is his 2nd book and i hope it will also start claiming as a bestseller soon.

What difference is in his 1st and 2nd book?
To know about that you have to read his both books.

Lets talk a little more about the book Just Like in Movies.

The book is a light read, the story is set in a period of recession when people were losing their job.
Their is three main character in this book.
Amit, Rimz, Rishika.
Amit who hates his job but still doing it.
Rimz who want to be a pop star.
Rishika who want to write a book.

Will they get what they wanted from life?
Will recession affect their job or they will leave their job to fulfil their dreams.
To get the answer of all questions you have to read the novel.

Just like in the Movies – Rahul Saini is a book you can finish in a single sit. I have took much time because of my daily routines.

One thing I can assure you about the book you will not get bored because their is something in his writing that will keep attached with the story?

I don't know but may be the Author has must planned a sequel of this book.
What after success?

Let's wait for his third book.

Happy Reading